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Play the Impossible: Indie Gamer

Several months ago Paolo Pedercini gave at a talk at Indiecade 2012 titled "Towards Independence" - where he discussed what it meant to be an indie game designer today. Rather than a category that is defined by a series of questions with an either / or value that makes one an "indie" developer, he said that being an indie designer is something that exists on a gradient. He said that no matter what, we are always constrained: by technology, capital, protocols, hardware, class, race, sexuality & privilege. What this means is, being indie is an ideal, rather than a stable formation.

Impossible Ideas: Gift Economies

There are a diverse group of writers & thinkers such as Charles Eisenstein (author of 'Sacred Economics'), Mark Boyle ('The Moneyless Man') and even Seth Godin ('Lynchpin') who are pointing out that we have reached a crisis point in our pattern of capitalist commodification.

Test the Impossible: Panda Robotics

Panda 3D printerPanda Robotics makes hardware and software that is easy to use, low maintenance, and designed for creatives. They enable simple workflows but still provide advanced levels of control to enable experimentation, research, and customization.

The Rise of Maker Culture

jesse Sat, 01/21/2012 - 12:00

Walkah and Daughter
The emergence of the Academy of the Impossible is not an isolated event, but rather part of the larger rise of “maker culture”.

For example there are already similar spaces in Toronto, in Ontario, in Canada, and around the world.