HacKeD By AnonGhost

  • This Message Is Addressed To All Governments :

    you have failed as expected.

    for many years,we have witnessed your unjust laws.

    you have abused human rights, creating Wars, Financial Crisis,

    bombings,arresting innocent people, assassinating,

    using media to spread your lies,to justify your corrupt act.

    After all,we're aware !

    you are the real terrorists !

    as you continue to push for full domination and control of our lifes.

    we will fight back !

    you can't stop the movement anymore,

    you can try to stop us but we will always find a way to resist.

    And there are many of us out there, more than you think.

    People who refuse to stop believing.

    People who refuse to be governed by a bunch of organized criminals.

    We are AnonGhost

    We are Everywhere

    you should've Expected Us !

    #OpGov Engaged \!/


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    HacKeD By AnonGhost

    Campaign School: Advanced Session (April 29)

    Campaign School is expanding to include an "advanced" class for students who want to ambitiously move ahead with their plans to engage the political process.

    This first session will address our plans and outline our path towards achieving them. Additional sessions will feature a mix of hands-on activities and focused attention on progress made by students.

    Participation is open to Academy members who have attended previous Campaign School sessions.

    Understanding Reddit

    RedditThe rapidly rising influence of the social news website — which everyone interested in media constantly hears about even if they never visit — will be explored in a salon at the Academy of the Impossible.

    Reddit enthusiasts are welcome to help explain its enigmatic appeal. And those who want to learn more about how it works are welcome to share their thoughts about the current state of news consumption and production.

    YouTube School: Beefs

    BeefsOnline drama will shape the agenda of the next YouTube School, as we review real-life conflicts that have played themselves out through viral videos — and often bubbled up to become the stuff of mainstream news coverage.

    The session will provide an opportunity to deconstruct how beefs are effectively, or ineffectively, aired through this form of social media. Watch and talk about what makes for an interesting conflict and how YouTube has managed to draw attention to ridiculous or sublime storylines.

    Facebook page for this event

    Join our Google+ group to participate in the making of each session:

    Campaign School: Peggy Nash

    Peggy NashPeggy Nash, the Member of Parliament for the Parkdale-High Park riding, will sit down for a chat at Campaign School about her career in and out of politics — which recently involved running for leadership of the federal NDP.

    A high-profile labour official before she was first elected to Parliament in 2006 — a victory that was partly credited to being more sympathetic to the artists in the copyright debate — Nash lost her seat in the 2008 election, only to win it back in 2011. New and returning students will gain plenty of insights from all of her campaigning experience.

    Facebook page for this event

    Test the Impossible: Gamified

    We are LegionThe people behind three new ventures will present their creations at the next Test the Impossible — and answer any questions tossed their way.

    * InGamer Sports: a new real-time fantasy league service

    YouTube School: Prime Time

    The regular Sunday session dedicated to watching and talking about online video expands to a weekday evening which will revisit any and all of the themes covered so far: channels, advertising, contagion, music, news and celebrity. A recap of what was discussed at past sessions will be combined with clips screened for the first time.

    Newcomers will also be welcome to introduce a video of their choosing, or will be free to make an appropriate request on the spot — as long as they have something interesting enough to say about it.

    YouTube School: Originals

    American HipsterThe next edition of YouTube School will include a rapid-fire screening of short programs from the 100 original channels that are largely being unveiled this month — along with an opportunity for everyone in attendance to comment on them.

    As the $100 million effort to nurture a more dedicated YouTube viewership ramps up, are these professional ventures likely to catch on, or will serendipity continue to prevail when it comes to gaining attention?

    Those who are curious can check out these channels in advance — although it's not necessary:

    Facebook page for this event

    Join our Google+ group to participate in the making of each session:

    Hack the Impossible: Open Government

    CPSROpen Government initiatives have been touted at the highest levels of elected office. But are there more imaginative ways to bring government online than politicians can understand?

    The next session of Hack the Impossible will focus on ideas for going outside of the bureaucracy to connect with people.

    Nick Charney, who maintains a website dedicated to discussing the renewal of Canada's public service, will join us to share his perspective from the shadow of Parliament Hill.

    Anyone with an interest in where Open Government is headed — and how hacker principles could contribute to its evolution — is welcome to attend.

    Facebook page for this event

    Impossible Ideas: Rise of the Global Citizen with Daniel Drache

    PLEASE NOTE: This event takes place at 7 p.m. — a different start time was listed earlier.

    Daniel DracheHow is communications technology changing the way we live our lives? Daniel Drache, a political science professor from York University and author of "Defiant Publics: The Unprecedented Reach of the Global Citizen," will address that question for the April installment of Impossible Ideas.

    YouTube School: Celebrity

    FameFame will be the focus of the next YouTube School, as we look at how established celebrities have tried to adapt their image for the online audience, how fandom is expressed through online video and the new culture of stars established through the platform itself.

    Curated clips from the past will also be screened and discussed, as usual, along with any other points of inspiration about how celebrity status is currently cultivated.