Get your goats here

Our small, closed herd has grown far past its modest beginnings, and it's time for some members to find new pastures

Get your goats here
Out on a walk

Looking for healthy, hardy dairy goats that are accustomed to foraging and browsing weeds and shrubs rather than the pellet-fed commercial animals?  

Goats so friendly and well-behaved that they've been allowed to retain their natural heat regulation system (i.e., horns)?

Does who won't overwhelm you with the astronomical milk production of a full-size dairy does, but provide more volume than a full Nigerian Dwarf doe?

All our goats are well accustomed to a wide variety of other animals and respect electric netting fences. Goats born here are dam-raised and weaned late, to give them a good start.

Our small, closed herd has grown far past its modest beginnings, and it's time for some members to find new pastures.

Goats are social animals and need to be with other goats. We will not place goats in homes without at least one other goat for company.

Available does and doelings


Claudette is a very sweet and friendly LaMancha/Nigerian Dwarf mix. She has not been trained to being milked, but knows how to get up on the milkstand and is very quick to learn new behaviours if food treats are involved.

Claudette could be turned into a mid-to-low output dairy doe but would be just as happy being a pet. She loves human attention, but also gets along fine with the rest of the herd without problems.

Claudette easily birthed a single doeling over a year ago, and has not been bred since. She could be placed with a buck when she comes into heat later this month is that is desirable.

Available bucks and bucklings


Bob is a rather petite fellow, but nearly two years old despite his youthful appearance. A LaMancha/Nigerian Dwarf cross intact buck, Bob is hot to trot and ready to find love. If he has half the talent of his father, the size of the ladies concerned should present no obstacle.

But if you would rather Bob just be friends with your herd, Bob could be wethered (neutered) before he left here.

Bob is not the smartest goat in this herd, but as a result he is not an especially talented escape artist or a bully. He can be a little whiny, but he is also exceedingly friendly. He is very food motivated and will do anything you ask if you have some treats on hand.


Patrice is a real character, and after having sired more than half of the current herd, needs to find a new home.

Patrice (centre), with the rest of the boys