Past Programs

Here are some of the events we've hosted in the past. Get a sense of our unique learning experiences that push the boundaries of education.

Hacking Reality: Tactical Technology and Social Media

Coordinated by Jesse Hirsh

Tactical technology, social media, and entrepreneurialism programs will be offered in conjunction with the ongoing efforts of the Metaviews think tank. Associates and experts will join the group to lead workshops on specialized topics, including YouTube Engagement, Role Playing Games, Investigative Journalism, Improvisational Theatre, and Multimedia Production.

Toronto Street Writers: A Free Writing Group

Coordinated by Emily Pohl-Weary

Founded in 2008, the program caters to a diverse group of 16-to-29-year-old poets, musicians, novelists, filmmakers, artists, and playwrights who work with established writers from the community to learn about writing, generate careers in the arts, and use writing as therapy to overcome complex life challenges.

Participants learn self-expression, literacy skills, and develop strategies for their careers. Perhaps most importantly, they become part of a community that will help them overcome their personal challenges and a space that they can consider safe no matter who they are.

Sound Poets' Circle

Facilitated by Rosina Kazi and Nic Murr, Mindbender Supreme and The Grimace

Sound Poets' Circle is a free hip-hop and spoken word workshop series for youth ages 16-29 on Monday evenings. This workshop focuses on creating and recording sound and music, writing hip hop lyrics and spoken-word poetry.

It's a "use what you got to get what you want" program to inspire group participation, creativity and resistance through art. Participants work with established and emerging facilitators and artists. Space is limited. To join, must register:

Impossible Hockey

An intergenerational family friendly hockey experience to help foster skills, camaraderie, and fitness. Open to aspiring hockey players of all ages, skill, and fitness levels. Our sessions generally involve warm-ups, scrimmages, skill contests, and friendly exercises to help improve one’s ability to play hockey.

We’re currently meeting semi-regularly throughout the year, renting ice time, and slowly but steadily building our hockey program in the spirit of our peer to peer lifelong learning network.

Impossible Words

Impossible Words is a unique reading series that presents culturally and stylistically diverse literature by established and emerging contemporary Canadian writers to all members of the public, and youth audiences in particular.