3 Strategies for Streamer Success

Twitch is littered with myths and distractions. The vast majority of streamers are disappointed with their response/numbers and when looking for answers why, find folklore that is nonsense.

3 Strategies for Streamer Success
Leon suggests success is a result of smart strategic thinking

Moving past Twitch's myths to find positive growth

Twitch is littered with myths and distractions.

The vast majority of streamers on the platform are disappointed with the response they receive and the numbers or viewers they attract.

When they go looking for answers as to why this is the case, they find folklore that is utter nonsense.

For example, there's this silly reverse engineering that takes place: people look at "successful streamers" and then deduce why they're successful based on what they're currently doing. This folklore for success foolishly focuses on immaterial issues like having a schedule, marathon streams, and particular games played.

Our experience running a Twitch based attention market and promotional co-operative, allows us to observe and assist small streamers who struggle to find an audience and success.

Their struggles almost always involve the failure to find any audience at all. Or more accurately described, nobody knows that said streamer exists.

The logic is simple: if a streamer is streaming and nobody knows they're streaming how would they find an audience?

One of the tragic myths of Twitch is the "if you stream they will come" or "if you stream they will watch" mantra. This is coupled with the toxic "grind culture" that suggests streamers need to languish in obscurity before they might be worthy of attention.

We reject these myths and point out the obvious, that most streamers lack a basic strategy for success. Or more accurately strategies:

  1. A marketing strategy: how will you promote your channel?
  2. An audience strategy: how will you engage and retain those who show up?
  3. A networking strategy: who will you collaborate with and grow with?

Interested in learning more? Show up in our Twitch stream and ask for help. Whether that is understanding why these strategies are important, or in building and crafting your own.